Halton Hills Online

A Community Online Streaming Station
“Dreams Do Come True”

Russ “Big Daddy” Horton’s vision for creating a local online streaming “radio” station is truly inspiring! Russ and Leah Hurst Lywood have come together with the same vision, to bring Halton Hills and other areas together
through HHOL (Halton Hills Online).

Here’s a glimpse of what makes HHOL special:

HHOL aims to be a hub for all things local and surrounding areas. From news and businesses to non-profit organizations and events, it’s a platform that brings the community together. The inclusion of music, weather updates, events, webcasts, talk radio, sports coverage, and noted live performances by local bands, and HHOL attendance at businesses, local events, businesses, and fundraisers adds vibrancy to the station. By providing a diverse range of content, HHOL ensures that it caters to various interests and needs within the community.

Russ and Leah’s commitment to turning this dream into reality has become a reality! Their shared vision and immediate action demonstrate their passion for music and radio and working together with others. As the team continues to grow, (see more of our team) including the addition of a salesperson and expanding their online presence, HHOL is poised to thrive for years to come. The multi-generational aspect ensures that HHOL remains a valuable resource for the community, passing down its legacy to future generations.

HHOL exemplifies the power of collaboration. Local and other community supporters working together create a strong foundation. In the spirit of community, HHOL fosters connections, celebrates local talent, and provides a platform for voices that might otherwise go unheard.

The HHOL initiative is a testament to the positive impact individuals can make when they come together for a common cause. May HHOL continue to thrive and uplift Halton Hills and surrounding areas!  


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